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Monday, August 18, 2008

School is upon us once again!

Ok so as the end of August rolls around, I am faced with the inevitable. My kids go back to school. I am officially old. Mind you that didn't happen when I turned 30 or even 31. Not that I'm really that old or anything. I now have a 2nd grader and a preschooler. Keegan's 5 and old enough for kindergarten but since his birthday is so late (May) we decided to keep him in preschool another year. This year he will have Mrs. Sheumaker whom Kaitlynn had for preschool as well and we're really excited about that! He will be at Trinity for preschool. Kaitlynn will be at Centennial and in the 2nd grade, we don't know her teacher yet, we'll find out Thursday night at meet the teacher/open house. She is now 7 1/2 and evidently the 1/2 is a big deal now. If I tell someone she is 7, she says mom I'm not 7 I'm 7 1/2 now. Excuse me, I'm sorry I messed up. It's funny how much they know and I evidently didn't get the memo on. So the supplies have been bought and labeled and put away in backpacks ready for the big day on Monday. I myself will be having a pedicure and lunch on Saturday with my cousins Bridget and Nicole and my sister Vanessa. It's Bridget's birthday and she's not ever had a pedicure, it is gonna be a great day, lunch with the girls and a pedicure! Earlier in the day she is getting a new haircut and eyebrows waxed and a pedicure and lunch with the girls! It is going to be a great day. If you don't share in the little joys we have in life shame on you. Girls out there, I know/ hope you share in my excitement. Also, several girlfriends and I will be having lunch on the 1st day of school to celebrate the newly found freedom of kids in school, its sort of become an annual tradition. LOTS OF FUN! Also, in keeping with tradition we started with Kaitlynn when she started kindergarten, we eat breakfast at McDonald's over by our house on the first day of school. We also let them pick where to eat for dinner. So with them starting school on different days (Keegan the 21st and Kaitlynn the 25th) we evidently get to do it twice as we were informed by Kaitlynn. She has all things figured out by the way, it must be that 1/2 year knowledge she has. If you ever need an answer to something she probably will have an answer for you. So on Monday the 25th of August I don't have to cook at all! Yea me! Well, it is off to laundry, cleaning and my normal "chores" and getting school clothes ready, maybe I will get it all done. Pray for me, seriously. Love to all and share in my excitement about a pedicure. It's gonna be fun!

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  1. Yah! Glad to see you got a blogspot. Looking forward to hearing more about your sweet family!