Saturday, January 2, 2010

My New Year can only go up!

So I decided that I was gonna start the New Year of 2010 with committing to blogging something everday. Well, as you can see this is January 2, 2010 and there is no post for January 1st. Yesterday as I was getting in the shower, my face decided to meet the bathtub really quickly. I don't even know how that happened, lol! Stepping in one second, nose smashed on the tub, I'll spare you the details! So I call my mom the nurse and ask here what to do. She happened to be in the neighborhood and stopped by to check me out. She takes one look at me and says yep its broken, lets go to ER. So we load up the kids, make a call to my dad to meet us there so he can take the kids home while mom and I are there getting the nose checked out. So I go in to UMC sign in and mention my sister works there in the ER and everyone knows her and loves her. I get pulled back immediately, it helps to know people. So I see the great Dr. Allen Graham who knows my sister and takes a call from her promising to take good care of me and in return she promises to bake him some goodies. I love her she's so sweet! I then get a nice tetanus shot from Sarah who gives a good shot by the way if you ever need one at UMC. Then its waiting for the X-ray room to be available. It took awhile because once I got there, someone tried to code (very bad, try to die kinda thing) in there. I was more than happy to wait while they fixed him/her up. Plus, Margaret brought me pain meds. She is my new friend, haha! Then it is off to x-rays where they take about 5 or 6 of my head/nose stuff. X-ray guy was very nice, I wish I could remember his name, but thank you anyway Mr. X-ray man. Dr. Allen Graham comes in to room and takes me to see my xrays. Yep even I can see its broken but of course on the very tip where there's not much to be done. He gives me a prescription for pain meds and tells me Vanessa has his number and to call in I need anything. Upon leaving I notice that the supervising physician is none other than Mr. Michael McPherson, a friend from church. So I pop over to say hi, he says I'm glad you're ok, the title for this entry, well your New Year can only go up! How true! So my dad comes to pick me up and take me and the kids home. I call Nathan at work and he says he'll come pick up my prescription after he gets off work to get it filled so I don't have to go back out, he' so sweet. So he does that, and I ask him to bring me a coke, he says sure. Only when he gets back he brings me the coke from Taco Villa, because its my current favorite place along with a burrito from there, also another favorite. PLUS my favorite candy bar! What a guy! Someone mentioned I should've had my black eyed peas. lol Now I'll just have black eyes. Nice start of the New year huh? So Monday I'll be calling a nose Dr to be seen and see what can be done as my nose is now a little crooked from where the break is. So today has been spent relaxing and taking it easy. So this is my first entry for the New Year, see you tomorrow!

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  1. OH GIRL! Bless your heart! I hope everything works out with the nose doctor.