Tuesday, June 8, 2010

22 weeks training

Ok, so this week marks 22 weeks till the Susan G. Komen 3-day walk in Dallas, TX (Nov. 5-7th).

I joined Weight Watchers awhile ago with my dear cousin Nicole. Weight Watchers hosted a Weight Watchers Walkit 5k Challenge this past Sunday. The loop around a local park was .8 miles. That being said, .8 miles in Texas heat and humidity is not fun. I had my trusty water bottle, but still was not fun. Nicole's husband Jeff joined us for the challenge and was great at keeping track of how many loops we did. I was done, ready to quit but they both kept saying come on you can do it! I love my family, they're the best. I thought we'd only done 2 loops and was about to tell them I'm done when they let me know we'd just done loop 3 and only had ONE more to go! That was very good to know, somehow I'd lost track. NOTE TO SELF: don't eat a small bowl of pasta before walking in heat, it did not feel good I MADE IT THOUGH! Thanks to my cheerleaders Nicole and Jeff!

Ok so back to training for 3-day.......By participating in the WW challenge that completed 1 of my training walks for the week. As I look back on my official training walks I've logged 25 miles, granted that's broken up in 3 mile walks and then my first 4 mile walk last week! I'm too scared to back off training and afraid of getting behind and going oh crud the big event is next week. So no matter what the weather, heat or not. I still walk. If it's gonna be hot like it has been the last few weeks....I walk in the morning at 8 or 9 a.m. at the latest. Texas heat is not to be messed with! I wear a hat and always have a full 33 oz water bottle with me. So far I average about a 20 minute mile and I know I can get in a 3 mile walk in just under or right at 1 hr. There is a park exactly 1/2 mi from my house and a lap around said park is exactly 1/2 mile. So my fabulous support team and training peeps (Nathan and our kids Kaitlynn and Keegan) walk to the park, I get 2 miles in laps done while he and the kids play, and then we all walk home. They get play time with Dad, I don't fall behind in training, it gets done early and out of the heat, it's a win/win for everyone!

Ok, so back to 22 weeks until event! Every week The Susan G. Komen 3-Day For The Cure people send out a virtual personal training email with a suggested schedule to train on for the week. It is amazingly helpful for someone like me who hasn't trained for much of anything in a long time to tell me, Ok, look on Monday you are going to rest, on Tuesday you will walk 3 miles, Wednesday rest, Thursday 3 miles. etc. Each week it changes in mileage. Each week it ups here or there. First week (week 24) there were 4 - 3 mile walks. Last week one upped to 4 miles and this week there is a 3, 4, 5 and a 3 mile walk. Sounds like a lot? Yes, but it is broken up for every other day. Gradually I will build up to the necessary miles needed. Twenty miles each day.........for 3 days. Can I do it? ABSOLUTELY! Will I do it? ABSOLUTELY! Will you do it with me? YES, ABSOLUTELY! Message me and I'll let you know how! Or check the official website at www.the3day.org To donate to my walk click the widget on my blog or click here www.the3day.org/amazingamy Yep, I'm amazing! lol Love you all and hope you enjoyed the blog. I will blog several times a week regarding all things 3day! If you have any questions, just ask!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The 3 day walk for breast cancer

Ok so a couple months ago I signed up to do the 3day. What is the 3day? I'm glad you asked! The 3day walk is a walk that takes place over 3 days each day walking 20 miles a day. Yes, that is a lot, and no I'm not crazy.

In February 2006 my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. I watched someone go through surgery to remove lump and lymph nodes. Then do chemotherapy, then the loss of her hair and eventually radiation. Cancer sucks big ones. The one or 2 funny things through this was when my dad shaved her head for her when she began to lose it. In preparing my kids to see her for the first time without hair (Kaitlynn was 5, Keegan was 2 1/2) I told them Neno (my dad) had given Noni (my mom) a haircut and he cut it all off! I then asked them if they wanted Neno to give them haircuts, their eyes got big and they said no thanks, we'll stick with Miss Lissa (our 'hairlady'). Ya know what? It never fazed them, at first they couldn't figure out why my mom wouldn't take her hat off at the restaurant. The next part I loved was she bought 3 jetskis/seadoos whatever you wanna call them. She said I'm not sitting around being bored. She would do chemo Friday mornings and then head to the lake and jetski all weekend while she still felt good. When I went for my lovely yearly exam I told my doctor who knew my mom what she had done and was doing she thought it was pretty great. Might as well have some fun, right? lol

So, in other words she kicked cancer's butt! GO MOM! Mom is healthy and here. Her tests come back great!

So as I began training a couple months ago, I convinced a friend to do the walk with me. We'd load up the kids, meet at a local park or head to a local highschool and walk the track. Training begins with 3 miles. Walking a normal pace this can be done right at an hour. Then 24 weeks out from the date of our walk November 5th-7th we are sent out a virtual training email. It gives you a weekly walking schedule, basically walk every other day 3 miles and each week one of the days jumps up a mile. Three miles has been easy, this week we throw in a 4 mile walk, one more no biggie. That way over the course of the 24 week period we gradually build up to 18-20 a day. I am so excited! I have even joined a team called Legacy Makers headed up by Christie DeVitt. For those of you local, Christie was diagnosed early in her pregnancy, chose to keep her pregnancy and did a modified course of treatment including chemo I think. Two years later she is healthy and here and so is precious baby girl Laney! I met Christie's mom at Sam's Club. She happened to have on a 3 day event shirt so I asked her if she had done the walk and she said she hadn't done the walk but 'crewed' it (helping set up hand out waters etc.) and that her daughter Christie and other family and friends had. I told her I'd signed up recently to do the walk for the first time and had just had a friend to sign up to do it with me. So we chatted a bit and she asked if I remember the story on the news of the woman with curly hair and was pregnant when diagnosed etc I said yes, I've always wondered what had happened. I then learned the fantastic news that all was well! We both nearly cried and only had met just moments before. Crying with a stranger now friend in Sam's, I'm sure no one thought we were crazy. Haha! She then proceeded to give me her daughter's phone number and her kids names that had Facebook so I could go look at the pics of the event and to make contact to join their team. She is such a sweet lady and has a catering business so people if you need a caterer, let me know, I know one. So now I am a member of the Legacy Makers team. I am so excited and blessed to be a part of a group who has done this 2 times before and this being their 3rd year.

First you register, then you fundraise. And fundraise, and fundraise some more. Each walker has a minimum $ amount that must be met, and its a big one. Each walker must raise $2,300 to participate. I want to do better than that. I like even numbers, originally thought just bump it up to $2,500 and then thought why not $3,000! Wohoo! I can do it! How? Not sure. Can I? Absolutely! Do I know a lot of people? Yep! Do they love me? Do they love the women in their families? YES! I pray there is a day soon where doing this walk is no longer needed to raise funds for research. I walk for me and my daughter, I walk for you and yours. Shortly after I posted on Facebook what I was doing a friend from HS said his grandmother had just been diagnosed with BC the month before. He said your walk will help her fight. On an early walk, my husband met me and the kids at his former HS where the football team had just finished practice and his former coach was still out there so he got to talk to him. As I made my way around the track to where they were talking my husband introduced me to his former Coach, Coach Henderson. Coach then proceeded to tell me he was proud of me for what I was doing and thanked me for it. I was a little shocked and kinda confused. He then told me his wife was a BC survivor. Wow, BC has touched so many people. So when I do my training walks, or I get tired of this or that, I remind myself, there is someone who can't and wishes she could be out walking. There is someone up the road with an I.V. in her arm getting chemicals pumped into her body. There is a woman who is afraid to look down because she knows here breasts aren't there, she won't let her husband see her scars. They are young and old, single and married, with and without kids wondering if they will ever be able to have kids, and those with and without family support. It is scary. It is not fun. It sucks.

I walk for you and yours, but I also walk for me and mine.

Now off to bed, because you see, I have a walk to train for and I'm training in the morning.
Check out http://www.the3day.org/ and join me on this adventure! www.the3day.org/goto/amazingamy

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Surgery in 1 1/2 days

Ok so surgery is Friday morning. Getting a little nervous but I know that God is in control. I just keep reminding myself of that a little more often. My sister has had the same surgery by the same Dr and said its no biggie. Well, she's a nurse and has already done this before lol! Dr. Scolaro's office called yesterday to tell me what their fee would be....$$$ and the Surgicenter called today to tell me what their fees would be....$$$. I know the surgery needs to be done but was really worrying about how we were going to pay for it. The Dr needs his $ Thursday and the Surgicenter is breaking it up into 3 payments with a payment plan and 1/3 of it due at surgery time or after or something like that. God has totally provided. Nathan will get his financial aid for school tomorrow in time to pay for Surgicenter fees in part or whole, not sure and we still have paycheck left for Dr. fees. So thank you God for your provisions! Well, those are my thoughts so far. Any ideas on how to recover quickly or not get freaked out when they take you back? Hmmm I think I might take my MP3 player and listen to that while they prep etc. while I'm awake still. It will at least distract me a little. Thanks again in advance for the ideas! Now whose bringing me icecream Friday night?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Update on the nose!

So its been 9 days post accident. I go see the nose Dr, Philip Scolaro here in Lubbock tomorrow at 1:30 pm. I'm a little scared haha I haven't ever been to that kind of dr before and wondering how he's going to fix it. I guess we'll have to wait till then to find out! lol It still hurts and I can't wear glasses or sunglasses for very long without it hurting. My black eyes have gone away and the swelling has gone too, but it still hurts. When will it quit hurting! Well, that's all I've got for now, I will post more tomorrow sometime after my appointment. Say a prayer! Love to all!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

My New Year can only go up!

So I decided that I was gonna start the New Year of 2010 with committing to blogging something everday. Well, as you can see this is January 2, 2010 and there is no post for January 1st. Yesterday as I was getting in the shower, my face decided to meet the bathtub really quickly. I don't even know how that happened, lol! Stepping in one second, nose smashed on the tub, I'll spare you the details! So I call my mom the nurse and ask here what to do. She happened to be in the neighborhood and stopped by to check me out. She takes one look at me and says yep its broken, lets go to ER. So we load up the kids, make a call to my dad to meet us there so he can take the kids home while mom and I are there getting the nose checked out. So I go in to UMC sign in and mention my sister works there in the ER and everyone knows her and loves her. I get pulled back immediately, it helps to know people. So I see the great Dr. Allen Graham who knows my sister and takes a call from her promising to take good care of me and in return she promises to bake him some goodies. I love her she's so sweet! I then get a nice tetanus shot from Sarah who gives a good shot by the way if you ever need one at UMC. Then its waiting for the X-ray room to be available. It took awhile because once I got there, someone tried to code (very bad, try to die kinda thing) in there. I was more than happy to wait while they fixed him/her up. Plus, Margaret brought me pain meds. She is my new friend, haha! Then it is off to x-rays where they take about 5 or 6 of my head/nose stuff. X-ray guy was very nice, I wish I could remember his name, but thank you anyway Mr. X-ray man. Dr. Allen Graham comes in to room and takes me to see my xrays. Yep even I can see its broken but of course on the very tip where there's not much to be done. He gives me a prescription for pain meds and tells me Vanessa has his number and to call in I need anything. Upon leaving I notice that the supervising physician is none other than Mr. Michael McPherson, a friend from church. So I pop over to say hi, he says I'm glad you're ok, the title for this entry, well your New Year can only go up! How true! So my dad comes to pick me up and take me and the kids home. I call Nathan at work and he says he'll come pick up my prescription after he gets off work to get it filled so I don't have to go back out, he' so sweet. So he does that, and I ask him to bring me a coke, he says sure. Only when he gets back he brings me the coke from Taco Villa, because its my current favorite place along with a burrito from there, also another favorite. PLUS my favorite candy bar! What a guy! Someone mentioned I should've had my black eyed peas. lol Now I'll just have black eyes. Nice start of the New year huh? So Monday I'll be calling a nose Dr to be seen and see what can be done as my nose is now a little crooked from where the break is. So today has been spent relaxing and taking it easy. So this is my first entry for the New Year, see you tomorrow!