Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Surgery in 1 1/2 days

Ok so surgery is Friday morning. Getting a little nervous but I know that God is in control. I just keep reminding myself of that a little more often. My sister has had the same surgery by the same Dr and said its no biggie. Well, she's a nurse and has already done this before lol! Dr. Scolaro's office called yesterday to tell me what their fee would be....$$$ and the Surgicenter called today to tell me what their fees would be....$$$. I know the surgery needs to be done but was really worrying about how we were going to pay for it. The Dr needs his $ Thursday and the Surgicenter is breaking it up into 3 payments with a payment plan and 1/3 of it due at surgery time or after or something like that. God has totally provided. Nathan will get his financial aid for school tomorrow in time to pay for Surgicenter fees in part or whole, not sure and we still have paycheck left for Dr. fees. So thank you God for your provisions! Well, those are my thoughts so far. Any ideas on how to recover quickly or not get freaked out when they take you back? Hmmm I think I might take my MP3 player and listen to that while they prep etc. while I'm awake still. It will at least distract me a little. Thanks again in advance for the ideas! Now whose bringing me icecream Friday night?

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