Friday, July 20, 2012

Sweet friends........everyone needs them.

Think about your friends. Old ones, new ones, family ones, school ones, oh yes and the crazy ones. Got it? Good. Everyone needs them. Ones they can be crazy with, cry with, almost go to jail with! (Suzanna and Jennifer are mine!) Lol! Good story there I promise! Anyways we need them. As normal human beings we like companionship and friendship. It isn't any fun being alone. Always more fun to do stupid stuff WITH someone right? YES! My sweet friend Suzanna...........

(imagine me singing *isn't she lovely* hehe)
is all of the above. But today she was the super cool wine fairy! Haha. She dropped off her sweet gift, rang the bell and ran like the wind in flip-flops mind you!
my delivery
Jennifer's delivery

 Just a little something to brighten mine and another friend's day. RAOK! Random acts of kindness. Gotta love it! Oh and thanks to her sweet hubs David for being the get away car driver! lol Now on to think of something sweet to do for her. I'm definitely blessed to know her and have her in my corner!